It’s Emmy Time!


The moment of validation has arrived! On Tuesday, July 15th Dan Rather Reports was nominated for a News and Documentary Emmy for a piece I produced last year. The story ‘Kim vs. Kabul’ is up for ‘Best Feature Story in a News Magazine.’ I cannot begin to explain the group effort that made ‘Kim vs. Kabul’ a reality. Many thanks to executive producer Wayne Nelson for tasking me with a life-changing assignment to produce a story about a courageous American lawyer who is fighting for human rights in Kabul. Secondly, if it weren’t for lawyer Kim Motley and her willingness to let us film every aspect of her life, this piece could never have been produced with such detail.

It’s truly a shame that Emmy nominations do not allow all participants of a story to be recognized – our crew of cameramen (Mark LaGanga and Henry Bautista),  sound (Jason Pawlak), as well as our on-the-ground help of drivers (Bezhan and Noor) and fixer (Fazul Rahim) were indispensable in this effort. Finally, the artistry of editor Steven Tyler was the finishing touch to make this piece shine.

We’ve got some stiff competition from 60 Minutes, Rock Center, 20/20 and Ann Curry Reports, but I’m incredibly proud and honored to be counted in such fine company.

Separately, PBS NewsHour Weekend also got a few nominations as well. “Costly Generics,” a story that I helped assistant produce with my colleague Megan Thompson, was nominated for ‘Outstanding Investigative Journalism in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast.’ As an AP, I cannot receive any credit for this nomination, but it still puts a smile on my face to know I helped with its production and it earned a nomination as well.

The News and Documentary Emmy Awards will be announced September 30th at Lincoln Center in New York City. (Time to ‘Rent the Runway’ and find an appropriate dress to wear to the party!)

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